The private jet industry in the United Kingdom continues to grow and now boasts one of the largest business jet fleets in Europe. We’ve collated the most popular private jets to charter in the country.

Most popular private jets to charter in the UK

The private jet industry in the United Kingdom continues to grow and now boasts one of the largest business jet fleets in Europe. According to Stratos Jets, the UK became the world’s eighth largest business aviation fleet and the second largest in Europe in 2019.

While the market is growing, the habits of private jet fliers in the country remain relatively stable, with most charter customers requiring light or mid-size jets to connect them with the rest of Europe. Given this trend, it’s easy to see why Cessna, who specialises in producing light and mid-size jets, dominates the charter market in the UK.

Using our own data, we’ve collated the most popular private jets to charter in the country and which Cessna models are more appealing to charter customers.


Cessna Citation XLS+

The mid-sized Cessna Citation XLS+ is one of the world’s bestselling business jets, offering a winning combination of cabin comfort, size and engine performance. Usually accommodating seven or eight passengers in luxurious surroundings, the aircraft is capable of non-stop flights of up to four hours, completing charters such as London to Ibiza with ease. 

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Cessna Citation XLS

Also incredibly popular is the XLS+’s predecessor, the Citation XLS. While the XLS doesn’t quite measure up to its successor’s overall performance, the model’s biggest draw remains constant – a largest-in-class cabin. The fully-reclining padded leather seats are up to four inches wider than its competitors and feature dual DVD players, individual seat monitors and moving maps so passengers can track flight progress. Foldaway tables, sliding headrests and built-in drinks holders are ideal for creating a workspace setup. The hold in both the XLS and XLS+ is also sizable, able to accommodate up to eight suitcases, including skis or golf clubs.

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Cessna Citation CJ2

Able to fly six passengers for up to almost three hours, the CJ2 and its successor, the CJ2+, are ideal for short trips like Paris to Frankfurt or Munich to San Sebastián. Along with its low operating costs, another reason for the aircraft’s popularity is down to the existence of an enclosed lavatory. Located in the aft of the plane, the CJ2 is amongst the smallest aircraft to have a private lavatory onboard – a popular feature for charter customers seeking cost-effective short-haul flights.

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Cessna Citation Mustang

With half a continent’s worth of range and increasingly good value for money in the wider private aircraft market, the Cessna Citation Mustang is another cost-effective aircraft for short-haul solutions. Often referred to as an ‘air taxi’ due to its configuration that mirrors that of a London black cab, the aircraft also provides ample storage for luggage, personal baggage and leisure equipment, such as golf clubs or skis.

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Embraer Phenom 300

Breaking up Cessna’s dominance in the UK private charter market is the award-winning Embraer Phenom 300. With 17.2 ft of internal length and a high ceiling, this aircraft boasts one of the most spacious cabin interiors and baggage holds of any light jet or super light jet on the market. The aircraft is able to fly for up to four hours depending on variables like weather and weight and complete flights like London to Reykjavik or Milan. In February 2022, the series became the world’s bestselling light jet for the 10th consecutive year and the most delivered twinjet of 2021, according to numbers released by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

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