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Charter a private jet to Azerbaijan



Private jet charter and flights to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is far off the beaten tourist track but is quickly becoming a spot for in-the-know travellers. Thanks to its spot on one of the ancient trade routes that ran between Europe and Asia, the country has a rich history. Today, there’s a mix of historic sites, the relics of Soviet rule and a rapidly growing 21st Century capital. What’s always remained the same is the country’s breathtaking and diverse natural landscapes which range from high-altitude mountains to sun-scorched deserts and a Caspian Sea coast. Get a fast quote with Air Charter Service and charter a private jet today

Like an open-air, lifesize time capsule, Azerbaijan’s capital Baku has an eclectic mix of architecture. You can peel back the layers of time as you wander past remains of a 12th-Century fortified wall system, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the oil-boom mansions that popped up in the late 20th Century. These are all framed by the glittering buildings that reflect the country’s renewed interest in black gold. Baku is the first stop of most visitors to the country and is definitely worth a few days of your time before you head further afield.

Just a short distance along the Caspian Sea coast from the capital is Qobustan, a unique world of prehistoric wonders and geothermal features. The highlight of the national park is the rock carvings which are thousands of years old. Amongst other scenes, they depict ritual dancers, warriors and animals such as giraffes, lions, antelopes and wild bulls. Once you’ve taken a tour of the cliff paintings, head over to see – or even wallow in – the park’s mud volcanoes. There are some volcanoes here that spurt mud high up into the air as they erupt and others that throw flames and black smoke sky high.

The eastern edge of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range extends down into north-eastern Azerbaijan and create some of the country’s most breathtaking landscapes. Up in these highlands and in the surrounding foothills, there are traditional villages and towns historic human settlements.

Aside from Baku, the most famous tourist hotspot is Sheki, a breathtaking town in the shadow of the mountains that was once an important spot on the Ancient Silk Road. It has a rich textile-producing heritage and today it is full of charm and has plenty of character with cobbled streets that crisscross the Old Town, painted buildings and old stone structures. The main sigh ist the summer palace of the Sheki Khans, the region’s rulers. This beautiful palace is elaborately adorned with vibrant and intricate paintings and stained-glass windows all of which have been meticulously restored to their former glory by local master craftsmen. During your time here, it’s also worth heading to Kish which is just 3 miles away, where you can see the village’s 13th-Century church.

Head deeper into the mountains and you’ll come across villages that have seemingly been frozen in time and with incredibly striking backdrops. Xinaliq is one of the most remote and, at 2250 metres above sea level, it is the highest settlement in the country. A visit here gives you glimpse into the day to day lives of people who live in a harsh but spectacular environment. Other villages such as Lahiji, which is known for its carpet weaving and copper and brass workings, can be hard to reach but are unforgettable places to visit.

One of Azerbaijan’s ten regions is the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic which is borders Armenia, Iran and Turkey. If Azerbaijan is off the well-trodden path, this out-on-a-limb region is even further away from it. You have to arrive by air as political relations with Armenia remain tense, but on arrival, you’ll get a warm welcome from hugely hospitable locals and hear incredible tales about the landing of Noah’s ark which, as legend would have it, landed on a peak nearby. The city is calmer and cleaner than the capital and has many mausoleums and mosques. The region’s major attraction, however, is Alinja Castle, a Machu Picchu-esque fortress ruin which sits some 1500 steps up a mountain due east of the main city.

There is a handful of airports in the country including Heydar Aliyev International airport near Baku, Gabala International Airport which is the gateway to the mountain towns and villages, and Nakhchivan airport which serves the country’s autonomous region. Simply contact one of our team and we can arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Azerbaijan.

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