• Passengers 9

The modern Embraer Praetor 600 combines performance, comfort and technology for a standout super-midsize jet.

About this aircraft

  • The Embraer Praetor 600 was announced alongside the Praetor 500 in 2018 as an upgrade of the Legacy 500.
  • It’s typically configured in an eight- or nine-seat layout; the latter with a three-seat divan in the cabin’s rear. A further passenger can use the belted lavatory seat.
  • The Praetor 600 has a maximum range of 7,440 km. While its standard range is lower, the aircraft is still capable of non-stop flights from London to New York, São Paulo to Miami and Dubai to London.
  • With 155 ft3 of baggage storage, there’s enough space for eight suitcases and carry-on luggage.

One of the most technologically advanced super-midsize jets on the market, the Praetor 600’s comfortable and quiet cabin provides the ideal atmosphere for relaxing, working and organising business meetings.

Interior design

The Praetor 600’s spacious cabin is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and comfortable seats that can be converted into flat beds if needed.

The aircraft normally seats either eight passengers in two sets of club seats, or nine with a three-seat divan replacing two single seats at the rear. There’s also a spacious stone-floored galley, a lavatory and a baggage compartment.

Below is a standard configuration for an Embraer Praetor 600.

Interesting facts to learn before you fly

  • The Praetor 600 is one of the only midsize jets with turbulence reducing technology, which is usually reserved for larger jets.
  • The business jet made its first transatlantic crossing in May 2019 using sustainable alternative jet fuel.
  • It offers excellent amenities and luggage capacity compared to competitors such as the Bombardier Challenger 350 and Cessna Citation Longitude.
  • The Praetor 600’s maximum range is almost 1,500 km more than its predecessor, the Legacy 500.

Technological features

The Embraer Praetor 600 is powered by two Honeywell HTF7500E engines, which produce 7,528 lbs of thrust each.

Its Rockwell Collins Aerospace ProLine Fusion integrated avionics system features four 15.1-inch high-resolution LCDs and advanced intuitive situational awareness tools, which reduce the pilot’s workload and improve decision-making.


Embraer unveiled the Praetor 600 alongside its smaller counterpart, the Praetor 500, at Orlando Executive Airport in 2018. Both aircraft were designed to improve upon the range and efficiency of the Legacy 450 and 500. The Praetor 600 was certified with Brazil’s Civil Aviation Authority in April 2019 and with EASA and FAA the following month. The first aircraft was delivered in June 2019.


Founded in 1969 with the help of the Brazilian government, Embraer has grown into the world’s third-largest commercial jet manufacturer, delivering over 8,000 aircraft in total and employing 18,000 people across sites in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Today an Embraer aircraft takes off every 10 seconds and its planes carry an average of 145 million passengers a year.

Embraer’s first aircraft was the Bandeirante, a turboprop plane designed for both civilian and military purposes. Aiming to remain at the forefront of avionics, the brand continuously reinvents its product designs with every new line of aircraft and allocates 10% of its total revenue towards research, development, innovation and improving industrial solutions.


The list price for a new Embraer Praetor 600 is a little under $21 million (USD). 

Charter rates

Charter rates for the Embraer Praetor 600 can vary greatly depending on the length of the journey you have planned, as well as the airports you decide to fly in and out of.

If you’d like to book a private charter flight on the Embraer Praetor 600, why not contact our team? For information on other private jets, browse our list of available aircraft.

Wet lease rates

ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) wet lease rates for the Embraer Praetor 600 vary depending on the age of the aircraft, length of lease term, number of block hours guaranteed and average cycle ratio.

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Key details

  • Aircraft type Super Mid Size Jets
  • Passengers 9
  • Cruise speed 863 KM/H / 536 MPH
  • Range 7440 KM / 4,623 Miles


  • Luggage space 155ft³
  • Enclosed lavatory Yes
  • Flight attendant Yes
  • Pressurised cabin Yes

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