We helped a mining company with crew rotations in northwest Queensland after flooding made the remote region unreachable by road.

Mining crew rotations in flood-hit Queensland

In March 2023, a mining company needed urgent assistance with crew rotations in northwest Queensland. The remote region was unreachable by road due to record-breaking floods, so an air charter was the most efficient way to transport workers to and from the site. We stepped in to find a flexible solution at short notice despite limited aircraft availability, ever-changing requirements and poor weather conditions.

Our Solution

Route: Mount Gordon > Mount Isa

Aircraft: Piper Navajo, Cessna 402C

There were no available aircraft big enough to carry all of the 75 passengers between Mount Gordon and Mount Isa. Instead, we sourced two smaller jets to complete 10 runs over the course of two days, with passengers on both segments of each trip.

We liaised with the client and operator to carry out a risk assessment and confirm insurance arrangements as swiftly as possible.

Our team worked around the clock to accommodate frequent changes to the manifest and schedule. We also quickly rescheduled any flights that were disrupted by poor weather and crew duty limitations, ensuring all workers were moved within the client’s timeframe.

The Finer Details

Rapid Response: Our fast-moving team confirmed a solution within two hours of receiving the urgent request.

Flexible Solution: We added 36 extra passengers on the second day of flying and agreed to fly two pallets of refreshments to the mining site at the last minute.

Available 24/7: We maintained constant communication with the client, responding to any queries and coordinating all requirements with the operator in a timely manner.


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